Business Trip Day 2: Indiana/Chicago

Cardigan:  Ralph Lauren {here}
Top:  Ralph Lauren {here}
Shoes  Ralph Lauren

As we were driving through Indiana all I kept thinking was that song by Jason Aldean “Fly over states,” (Have you ever been through Indiana, on the plains of Oklahoma).  

Of course I had to eat some kind of Asian food while I was away.  We stopped at JoyYee which I was told is the fast food Asian food.  It was still delicious and their menu for bubble tea was intense, there are so many types of bubble teas!

We ended up going back to Chicago on Day 2 and these are all of the souvenirs I picked up along the way.  Of course I found some Mason Jars.

Shirt:  Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply
Boots:  Justin’s {here}
Then we decided to explore the Polish side of Chicago.  I dressed very casually because it was super cold.  Chicago really earned the name the windy city for sure.

We went to a place called Podhalanka.  The food was delicious.  The owner and I conversed in Polish which made me feel right at home.

Now, the best part of the night.  The rain shower head.  I need to install one of these babies at home, it is seriously the best invention ever.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a relaxing shower like the one I had under this shower head.

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