DIY Sequin Mason Jar


Another mason  jar project!  This is the second DIY that I found the tutorial at the Mason Jar Love blog.  The first one was the pink jars I showed all of you the other day.  This one is extremely easy.  It’s even easier than the pink mason jars.

First step clean your mason jars.  I chose the limited edition 2013-2015 blue perfect mason jar.  I love love love the blue mason jars but of course don’t want to paint over them because well, what’s the point of getting the blue ones, right?

Second step is to pick out your sequins.  My mom used to work for a sequin factory before I was born.  It was her first job here in the states.  She worked all throughout her pregnancy with me and a little bit after I was born.  She still has sequins from back in the day, but she still has connections; my god mother.  She’s a manager and she gets us sequins every once in a while.

Third step is get your Mod Podge and put it on the inside of the jars.  Let them dry.

Voila!  You have your jars.  Now, I read in the tutorial that once you put water in them for flowers they start to float (not all of them, just some) so I would probably use them for decoration or just to put pencils in.

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