Feeling better and some self realization


I am feeling so much better than I did last week.  Oh my goodness it feels good to be back! I didn’t take any selfies or outfit post pictures while I was sick so today you will see what I wore on the day that “Stella got her groove back.”  Just replace Stella with Monica of course.  I figured I would dress up extra nice just because it was my first day actually caring what I look like.  Now I normally don’t even leave my house in sweatpants, rarely ever in yoga pants unless I know I’m working out or something, and I almost ALWAYS have my hair and makeup done.  For the past week all of that caring went out the window.  I still dressed up nicely obviously because I work in the corporate world, but there was no makeup and no hair doing involved.  I did it so I could get some extra sleep in but everyone kept saying how tired I looked.  Remind me to never leave my house without makeup after all of those comments!  Haha, but seriously after a week of feeling like complete poo I started realizing some stuff.  I realized that misery really does love company.  The more and more that I complained or talked about how bad I felt the more I kept having issues.  Of course last week was also my friends anniversary of his passing so maybe that made it extra hard?  I don’t know.  Anyway, here’s my outfit of the day!

Sweater:  Ralph Lauren {here}
Tank Top:  Ralph Lauren {here}
Skirt:  Ralph Lauren {here}
Pumps:  Ralph Lauren {here}
Coat:  H&M {old}
Now I found another blog that I am in love with!  I absolutely love finding blogs.  Jana from Alabama has the prettiest pictures I’ve ever seen.  I love when she writes along with the pictures.  I love when I can hear bloggers step out of their comfort zone a little and show their personality rather than just looking at their pictures.  I’m pretty sure if I ever met Jana in the future I would want to be her friend.  She seems very humble and she’s a southern girl, and y’all know how I feel about the south!  I was kind of going through her whole blog because while I was sick I had enough time to lounge and just look through the internet.  I went back to a post that she wrote over a year ago.  There’s something that she wrote in that post that stuck out to me because it was almost as if she was in my mind at that very second (creeepppy).  Now before I copy and paste what she wrote I just want to say why this quote touched me a bit.  
Of course as you know I’m 26.  At this age a lot of people I know are engaged, married, or already started a family.  There’s also lots of people that are like me, ya know, single.  I’ve been pressured to answer the questions of “you know you’re getting old?” “you don’t even have a boyfriend yet?!” and the greatest one of all, “you know your biological clock is ticking right?”  Yes, all have been said to me and none of which were actually said by my family.  Some by strangers who just meet me or barely know me, some by my friends mom.  She actually told me if I plan on having kids at my rate I should freeze my eggs.  Oh yes, she DID go there.  After hearing all of these things you do wonder a little bit.  Especially with me being engaged previously (almost feels like a lifetime ago) I do wonder about my future or when I will meet the one.  I always tell my friends that I’m not ready for it yet.  I need to take care of myself first before I can even think of taking care of anyone else, or even worry about anyone else for that matter.  Then I read Jana’s blog post.  “We need to be our own best friends first before we can give our full self to someone else.”  I swear it’s like she read my mind!  She’s so right too.  One day I will meet her because after reading her story that girl deserves a “you’re inspiring.”

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4 thoughts on “Feeling better and some self realization”

  1. Okay 1. i didnt know it was ur friends passing anniversary, very sorry girl im always here if ug otta vent, as i lost a friend as well!!
    2. cant wait to have a date with ya!
    3. you should do a 30 before 30 list like i am 🙂
    and 4. ur so right u gotta love urself… and im telling u that Indie Chicks magazine has some fantastic articles about that let me know if u get one. its been helping me a lot!
    love you!

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