Guest Post-Julia at Miss Trend She

Ladies and Gentleman I’d like to introduce Julia from Miss Trend She.  I’m in Chicago for the next few days so I had some guest bloggers and some scheduled posts.  To read the original article click here!

Many were surprised when Vogue named it’s February cover star, that is, Girls’ Lena Dunham. Headlines read, “Dunham redefines Glamour in Vogue‘s February 2014 cover” or “Lena Proves Ordinary Women can be Glamorous too.” The real thing to be shocked about though, is that Dunham is already deserving, despite her idiosyncratic, if you will, attraction to the glamorous lifestyle.

When one becomes acquainted with fame, I can only imagine that there is a new pressure to be fashionable and glamorous to those who witness your celebrity. After all, celebrities are under a constant stress to be bigger than better, so to speak, in the eyes of the ‘little people,’ namely- us. They are expected to wear designer, flaunt magazine fresh faces just when running errands and talk about how they eat what they want, but lose it all because of their “amazing diet and workout routines.” Ho-hum. Dunham is anything but the stereotypical standard that being a celebrity means.

Vogue‘s mission is to provide, “a cultural barometer for a global audience,” and they do. With Dunham, they do it even better. They’re bigger than better, and in the most inspirational way with their February 2014 cover model choice. Dunham effects millions of women who tune into Girls every Sundays at 10pm on the HBO network. With her witty catch phrases and undefinable girl posse, she’s become an every woman-woman. She’s the girl who defines Girls. We’re more than pleased to call her our on screen soul sister and we do so with creative memes that aren’t so creative on our end, because the girl who is responsible, after all, is Dunham.

Dunham is asked questions, often times, about her body image or the role that sex plays for her through the production of Girls. Because Dunham isn’t a “model-type” (she looks more like us), she responds to questions like this, saying that, “Somebody who looks like you having sex is a less comfortable experience than seeing someone who looks like nobody you ever met.” Because she doesn’t look like “nobody you ever met,” she is under this pressure to take pride in her body. She should too, because she is beautiful and this is evident with herVogue cover sensation. It is exceptional then, that Dunham rocks this cover of Vogue backward and forwards, and answers to nobody for it.

Her psychedelic black eye shadow and liner that covers her round eye shape is a tad mod and I’m loving it. Her fearless complexion that is romanticized by her quirky polka dot blouse lets us know that Lena is fun and up for anything. This cover defines her well. It scopes out her witty intelligence and I hope to find that the cover story behind the cover girl is just as fitting for Ms. Dunham. Dunham is ever deserving of covering one of the world’s best known fashion magazines. She practically defines the new Carrie Bradshaw, who is a twenty something silly friend that we love to laugh and talk about life with. Lena Dunham is Hannah Horvath. Lena Dunham is a writer. Lena Dunham is an actress. Lena Dunham is Vogue‘s February 2014 cover star. Lena Dunham is sensational.

Dunham recently tweeted, “Thank you @voguemagazine” with a picture from her Vogue spread attached. This official copy of Vogue hits newsstands January 28th, 2014.