Two Letters


I apologize for my absence lately!  I’ve been extremely sick, actually the worst type of sick since I don’t even remember when.  I literally feel like a truck hit me, and probably look like it too.  I currently am diagnosed with bronchitis and a sinus infection.  Yea, I know, gross.  The worst part is since my lungs aren’t 100% it makes it even worse.  When I was younger I was hospitalized during Christmas for 2 weeks because of pneumonia and an asthma attack and ever since then my lungs have not been as healthy as they should be.  So I’m not surprised that I have bronchitis because it happens almost every year.  I’ve also been slacking lately because I’ve been doing a lot of DIY projects.  The first two days of me being sick I didn’t think I was as sick as I really was and was painting all day.  Then come Sunday afternoon I really started to feel it and decided to sleep all the way until Monday.  Then when I woke up on Monday I realized that I really needed to see the doctor because I actually fell out of bed that’s how achy I was.  At first I thought it was the flu but after my doctor’s visit I found out otherwise.

I wanted to talk about two life events.  First of all it’s my mommy’s birthday today (yay!) and I just wanted to take the time to say Happy Birthday.  Also, two days ago was my friends year anniversary of him not being with us anymore so I wanted to do something a little different.  Instead of talking about both of them I want to write a letter to each of them.  The first letter will be to my mom.

Dear Mommy,

Happy Birthday!  You are the best friend a girl can have.  I really have no idea where I would be without you.  You have been there through my ups and downs, my successes and my failures.  You have loved me regardless of how much I’ve messed up.  I wish that one day I am as strong and beautiful as you.  You are my role model.  You came here with ten dollars in your pocket and made something of yourself.  You have your own business, and you made two amazing kids who love you with every inch of their being well and our dad too but you were there when we came home from school.  You had dinner waiting on the table all the time.  You were there to kiss our boo boo’s and be there when we were crying or even when we were sick.  Mommy always made us feel better no matter how bad it was, we were always ok after you were there.  With all that being said, Happy Birthday, Sto Lat Mamusia!

Love Always,

Dear Dan,

It’s been a year.  A year that you are no longer an angel on earth but an angel in heaven.  It doesn’t get any easier and I know it won’t as the years go on.  You were the friend that I needed, you were destined to reconnect with me when you did.  I think back on the first time we laughed together and it was when we named our history project a bad word in Polish and only we knew what it meant.  Your laugh and that smile were just so inviting.  Then I remember the last time we laughed together when you devoured the chocolate chip pancakes with fresh strawberries, whipped cream, and maple syrup, that we were supposed to share.  That day you looked so happy.  I know that you knew you were only given a short amount of time to live but you were still living.  You lived every every day as if it were your last and I almost forgot that you had cancer, until I got that message from your family that you had passed on January 5th of last year.  I know you may not be here in person, but you’re still here in spirit.  I miss you Dan, but I will see you when it’s my turn.  Wait for me and we will go to AC and win all the money we can.

Love Always,

This one’s for you.