On this lovely Throwback Thursday I wanted to post an outfit I never posted and it reminds me of warmer weather.  It’s been in the negatives here in NJ and boy do I miss the heat.  I miss the summer.  Until the summer heat comes back I’m stuck dreaming of driving with all the windows down.  So here is my throwback outfit.

Hat:  Burberry {old}
Tank Top:  Ralph Lauren {here}
Cardigan:  Ralph Lauren {here}
Jeans:  Ralph Lauren {here}
Clutch:  Burberry {here}
Flats:  Sam Edelman {old, Saks}
I really miss not having to wear a jacket and not having my feet turn into icicles if I wear flats.  Well summer, until next time!
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2 thoughts on “Throwback”

  1. Hey, thought I'd pop by! What a cute outfit…love the hat and red shoes. I also like the cowboy boots that you have in the previous post…I've never been into cowboy boots, but your's are really cool!

    Take Care,
    Merrie K.

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