A girl can never have too many shoes



I have bought yet another pair of shoes.  I think I officially have a problem.  I think I go shopping more than I eat, and I
eat a lot.  I. LOVE. FOOD.  At least now I can continue to eat a lot because
I’m working out so the more nutrients the better!    I don’t
just eat junk food I actually eat a lot of healthy food too.  Anyway, back to my original point about my
shoes.  Ok, so I have a confession to
make.  I am in love with Oxford style
shoes.  I love them on men and
women.  They look so classy on men and
they look so adorable on women.  I have
been dying to get a pair of Oxfords for the longest time but never found the
right pair for me until I stumbled upon these. 
They are by Restricted and bought from Marshalls (of course).  Now onto the price.  They were $20!!!!!  How amazing is that??!!  I love that they are Oxfords with a
twist.  I’m really into anything weird or
out of the ordinary.  I think that’s why
I drool over Jeffrey Campbell shoes.  I
think it’s safe to say that I have more shoes than anything else.  I’m really big on accessories but a big
supporter of shoes.  They complete the
outfit and nowadays there are so many styles and great ideas.  They even took something as classy as Mary
Janes and made them sexy.  Or at least in
my opinion I’ve seen some fierce Mary Janes the past few years. 

Another reason why I love these shoes is they are
flats.  I’m really tall (5’9) and when I
wear heels I tower over almost everyone I work with.  I have one pair of heels that makes me at
least 6’2.  I love wearing heels but it’s
extremely hard to find people that are around the same height as me so whenever
I find an awesome pair of flats I’m sold!  

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