Avoiding the bad weather blues

If any of you look at my pictures you see the snow.  I live in the mountains of NJ and it snows, A
LOT.  It doesn’t usually snow this much,
but for some reason this winter has been intense with the amount of snow.
If you follow me on any other social media networks you know
that I’ve already almost gotten into about 10 accidents, the pot holes have
been terrible on my car, and it’s just downright cold.  Having to clean off your car or plow the
driveway in negative degree weather is not how I like to spend my day! Don’t
get me wrong working from home is AWESOME, but seriously I’m so ready for 90
degree weather.  I’ve read many
complaints from fellow friends about the winter weather this year and I say we
put an end to this!  Let’s make the best
of it!
With all of that being said, I wanted to talk about a few ways
to avoid the bad weather blues.
Work on DIY projects
Ok, so of course most of you know that I recently (January 19th
to be exact) have opened up my own Etsy shop. 
It’s actually pretty funny how this started.  I was bored one day, literally all of my DIY
projects start off with this saying.  It
was snowing and I couldn’t go anywhere so I decided I was going to start making
some ornaments for the Christmas tree and my coworkers because they all
celebrate Christmas and had trees in their home.  The ornaments lead to a vase that I had
brought back from Texas that my mom asked if I could paint so she could use it
as a center piece for her Christmas bouquet. 
Ok, it wasn’t really a bouquet it was more so smaller branches from the
pine tree in our yard and some of those red berry things, not too sure what
they are called actually.  Then I saw a
mason jar in my brothers room.  I thought
you know what, I’ve seen so many awesome DIY’s on Pinterest about mason jars so
why not make a center piece for this too! 
That lead to a second jar that I found in my brothers room and then I
bought a few jars and it just went from there. 
Now, here I am a little over two months later with an Etsy store.  Who would’ve thought?
I find DIY projects relaxing and calming.  It’s almost therapeutic for me.  I come home from a long day at the office my
mom and I have coffee while she works on her store and I work on either this
blog or my mason jars.  Our little fur
babies hang out by our feet and we call it fun. 
I’m not saying to go and redo a whole entire room because we all know
that takes time (which hint hint, check back in a few months I’m redoing my
whole entire room!) but start with little DIY’s on Pinterest.  Try out some nail art, or some paper wreath
projects, which might I say are extremely awesome looking.
Ok, so we all know that organizing can either be super
frustrating or super awesome.  I
personally find it frustrating because I work in chaos.  When I paint my jars I have brushes everywhere,
paint bottles everywhere, I paint about 6+ jars at a time, seal the other ones
in the basement and make the clay for the other ones.  So pretty much, I work better in a mess.  This doesn’t mean that you should live in a
mess.  Organizing can also refer to your
finances.  Of course don’t attempt to be
an accountant (if you aren’t one) but just check your budget, maybe you were
curious to find out how much you’re spending a month on food or gas, or shoes.  I read these articles by my awesome blogger
friend Ellen from Ask Away and instead of me attempting to give tips on
organizing you should just read her posts. 
It will seriously be worth your while!
Pamper Yourself
I think this one is a no brainer.  Snow day=relaxing time.  Well not 100% for me because I work from home
when there’s a snow day but that doesn’t mean I can’t make a face mask on while
working.  If you do have time take a nice
hot bath.  Unless the pipes are frozen,
then I can’t really help you there.
One simple face mask that I actually swear by that you can
make at home is an oatmeal facemask.  You
literally just take oatmeal and make it the way you normally would.  Let it cool down so you don’t burn your face
and then just rub it on.  Let it sit
there until it dries and rinse off!  The
rinsing part is hard but the end result is a great one!
Catch up on Chores
You know that towel that has been sitting on the floor that
you’ve been meaning to put in the washer, or nail that’s sticking out of the
wall that you’ve been meaning to hammer in? 
Take care of that!  I know, super
boring because who wants to clean when they’re already miserable due to the
weather.  However, you’ll feel much
better afterwards because then you know it would have been finished and you can
technically say you were productive.
Catch up on shows that have made it to Netflix
I think I’m not alone when I say that Netflix is
addicting.  I watched all of The Walking
Dead from Netflix literally back to back, I’ve watched Heartland, Hart of
Dixie, Pretty Little Liars, and The Following. 
Have a snow day and you literally don’t feel like doing anything and
being a bum all day (we ALL need those once in a while), just watch some
Netflix.  Although I do have to prepare
you for the disappointment.  You have to
wait until you can see what happens in the next season, unless you find it on
the website of the show.

Those are just some ways I beat the bad weather blues.  Although like I said in the beginning, I can’t
wait for the heat!
Oh, and I found out that it’s supposed to get in the 50’s this weekend.  WOOOHOOO!!
I actually do the guys version too haha!

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  1. I'm watching Heartland now and did you know there's 7 seasons and the newest ones come UP. I dont have this station but i hope i'm able to watch them online on that website once i'm done. i'm only on season 2.

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