How I love you so

Oh Friday, how I love you so.  So many things have been going on in my life
lately that I can’t even begin to express how exhausted I am.  I’ve joined so many different groups, I’ve
joined a gym, I’ve gotten a few custom orders, and I still have this blog. 
I am in a female car group now which is amazing because I’m
a girl and I LOVE CARS.  Seriously.  The other day my parents and I went on a trip
and we were talking about pot holes and I started talking about all of the
problems that can possibly go wrong if you hit a pot hole because it’s not just
that you’ll get a flat tire or a cracked rim, but there are major issues that
can come out of it.  My mom said I need
to speak English haha and my dad was just speechless.  It’s a great feeling to be a girl and know a
decent amount about cars.  Another group I
have joined is a fitness motivation group. 
I just recently joined a gym (which is why the blog has been lacking)
and I’m in training for a marathon and Tough Mudder as I mentioned yesterday.  So every day I try to add a little dose of
motivation to the group because a lot of us want to work out but we just don’t
have the motivation to, or at the end of a work day we are just physically or
mentally exhausted.  Work has been
extremely busy lately so at the end of the day I literally just want to
sleep.  Instead I think about the
gym.  I think about how all of the
frustrations throughout my day will be taken out at the gym.  I will be using that negative energy to fuel
it into positive energy.  I’ve already squatted
double my weight from last week.
I recently received a few custom orders.  The one that stuck out most is for a wedding
in June.  I haven’t done a custom order
for an event yet, and a wedding is a pretty big event.  Even if it is a small wedding it’s still a
wedding.  It just makes me feel really
awesome that someone would trust me enough to make them something for such a
special day.  Its weird how sometimes the
little things make your day that much better. 
Kind of how the other day when my mom texted me with just the words “boots
and pants boots and pants boots and pants.”  If you haven’t seen that commercial yet I
suggest you do.
Everyone, I would like to wish you an awesome Friday and

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  1. I am so excited for you and your progress that youll see from the gym. Stay motivated girlfriend!

    Also super proud of you with the jars and how you are working on promoting yourself. Keep it up!! 🙂 Love you!

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