Let’s go over a few things that have been happening lately.  Last week I went out with my friend Allie who just got out of the hospital.  She has cystic fibrosis (I’ve written about her before) and when she get sick most of the time she ends up in the hospital because antibiotics don’t really work.  So, I took her out for sushi.  She said I’m a good date because I picked her up and I took care of the bill.  We went to an all you can eat sushi buffet, it was so delicious.

At one point I was extremely full so Allie had to eat the rest.  Since she has cystic fibrosis her metabolism is really fast so she can eat a lot of food in one sitting.  

Dress:  French Connection {old}
Boots:  Nine West {old}
Scarf:  H&M {old}
This is the outfit I wore to dinner.  I love this dress because it is so simple and it covers up if I get so bloated and have a food baby.  

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