Resuce vs Pure

Most of you know how much I love my fur babies.  Well I have one of each, one rescue, one pure
bred.  There are pros and cons to both
dogs.  If you are thinking about having a
fur baby in your home and aren’t sure if you should go to a shelter or a
breeder here are some things I’ve experienced with both.

Kuba, my pure bred Maltese is the oldest of the two.  He may be the smallest but he has the
Napoleon complex, aka he runs the house. 
He is currently almost 9 years old. 
When we first got him we were so excited because here comes this 6 week
old little white fluff ball that can fit into the palm of my hand.  We specifically wanted him because I found
out he had a defect.  The liner around his
eye did not completely form so one eye is just all pink.  We fell in love with him instantly.
Now the good part about him coming from a breeder is all of
his shots were taken care of, we knew the health of both parents and we just
needed to love him and take care of him for the rest of his life.  One issue we’ve run into going on with the
years is since he’s a small dog a lot of issues come along with him.  His breed is known for rotating knee
caps.  Well he already has these, and has
had them for a few years.  He’s had
kidney stones and crystals in his urine so we had to put him on a special
diet.  The price for this diet is a lot
and the cost of all of the vet bills and emergency bills are pricey as well.  I think in one year with all of the issues
that went on we spent well over $5,000. 
That is $5,000 on an 8 pound dog in just one year.  That’s without all of his necessities and
toys.  That was a rough year for him with
all of the medical issues.  Our most
recent visit to the vet showed that he may have cancer.  This was heart breaking for us.  We are still waiting because we have to wait
a few months and go back. 

Lilly, who is my rescue Puggle is just nuts.  It’s weird to think that the dog I brought
home that first day is the same dog.  I
took a chance with her.  We’ve never had
a rescue in our family before.  When I
first got her in Texas I didn’t know if she was going to survive.  The first few days were rough.  She refused to eat, and she didn’t move from
the bed.  She was so scared when I would
enter the room that I thought she was never going to open up to me.  She was infested with ticks.  She was so scared that she sat through the
whole process of me taking ticks off of her. 
Now when she sees the tweezers she knows what’s going on and she freaks
out.  A bad thing about Lilly was she
didn’t come with shots and I didn’t even know if she was healthy.  I knew nothing about her parents and was kind
of afraid to take her to the vet.  I was
afraid that they were going to tell me she was dying or something all because
she was neglected before I got her.  I
instantly fell in love with her when I saw those little eyes through the
shelter cage.
I took her to the vet and got her normal routine check up
and all shots were given to her.  She was
almost 100% healthy except for being malnourished.  You could see her bones when I first got
her.  She was 16 pounds and I plumped her
up to a wopping 25!  The vet said I could
stop fattening her up now.
Both dogs are different and come from different
backgrounds.  Both were extremely scared
when I brought them home but they both love me just the same.  Regardless if one was roaming the streets and
being beaten or if the other one was properly taken care of since day one they
both love the same.  I love them both the
same too.  They will forever be my fur
I cannot stress enough that when you are thinking about getting a dog regardless of if it is a rescue or pure bred please make sure you are 100% positive.  There is a lot of time and money that go into having dogs.  They are like children to a certain degree.  They require love and attention.  If you are never going to be home they may not live a good life.  I’ve been asked many questions about being a fur mama and I explain to people that your dog is unhappy because you aren’t treating it the way it should be.  Do not get a dog because you want one, get a dog because you want to give it a good home and a good life.  Don’t be selfish.  Once you get a dog everything will change.

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  1. dogs are beyond the best. I can't wait til i can have my dream dog one day. for now my mom has a boston terrier. he's the best. there's pics on my blog

    1. I was looking at Lilly yesterday and thought of the post you had so I was thinking, you know what I'm going to do the same. The more people understand it's not JUST a dog, the better 🙂

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