Time for lace

Everyone who reads my blog I wanted to say I’m so
sorry.  My blog has been lacking lately
and it’s because my Etsy business is doing extremely well for being so
new.  I have also begun to train for
Tough Mudder 2014.  Yes, THIS girly girl
is training for TM.  For those of you who
don’t know what that is, you practically have to be crazy to do it.  It’s an obstacle course that really tests
your strength, endurance, and mind.  I hear
from a lot of people it was more dependent on their mind than their body.  I mean if you have to be crazy to do it I fit
the profile completely!

Jacket:  Macy’s {old}
Dress:  Forever 21 {old}
Boots:  Nine West {old}
For some reason whenever I wear lace I feel extremely feminine.  It may be the fact that I love everything vintage and a lot of vintage items have lace in them.  I paired this dress with a blazer, some high boots, and some very bold and gold accessories.

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