Upcoming things I’m looking forward to!


It’s Friday!!!  You know what that means it’s time to share my song.  Ok, so my song this week is a little sad with a good ending.  Our family friend lost someone this week and my dad was asked to speak at the service because they’ve known each other for I think 15 years if not more.  He’s so honored that they would ask him that he has writer’s block.  I sent him the lyrics to this song for him to get those brain cells working and maybe help him with his words.

  1. Lucky FABB West-I’m officially going!!! The event and plane ticket are purchased already.
  2. Transforming my room-so a few nights ago I had this weird dream.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been super creative lately so the brain’s working but the dream was my whole room transformed into a shabby chic look.  So once it is warm enough to be able to open windows I will start remodeling my whole room, from the walls to furniture to décor.  It will be a shabby chic room.
  3. Rocking Chairs/Pallet Table-Last summer I set out to take two rocking chairs and either stain or paint them for my balcony so my mom and I can just hang out and drink coffee under the stars in the summer time.  Also, I saw this awesome table on Pinterest a few months ago that was made out of pallets.  I’m going to try that once it’s nice out so I’m not hammering/drilling away in the cold.
  4. Etsy Shop-As some of you know I opened up an Etsy shop.  So far it’s been getting a lot of traffic and lots of sales well a lot for a newbie.  I’m hoping to expand this shop and one day be so crazy hectic with orders that I will want to rip my hair out.  Oh yes, for once I WANT to have stress (good stress)  in my life, ha!
  5. Spring-it’s lurking around the corner I swear.  It isn’t as dark as usual when I leave work.  Normally it’s dark as night, but lately I’ve been walking out to see a little bit of the sun left.  Woohoo, it will be warm in no time stupid groundhog.
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