10 Signs that you’ve been Friend Zoned

A trending topic that I’ve been seeing show up on my news
feed are the words friend zoned.  What
exactly does friend zoned mean?  It
literally means that he’s not into you, like that.  He thinks of you as a friend and nothing more.  The following are 10 signs that this has
happened to you, so now you know where you two stand.  Just friends. 
I’ve interviewed a few guys for this because honestly, I’m not a mind
reader, and I can only talk from experience from the receiving end.

1.  He talks about other girls. 
No ladies, he’s not trying to make you jealous.  He is into another girl.  Unless he’s being sneaky about it and he’s
getting advice from you about a girl he likes and he’s really trying to get to
know you because you’re THAT girl then you really don’t have a shot.

2.  This brings me to number two.  He talks about his ex.  This should actually be number 1.  It’ll have you feeling like this…

3.  “I have a friend who would love to take you out!”  “I forgot to mention, he drinks a little too much, and he’s been single for a few years.”

4.  Never shows special treatment, so stop showing him extra attention.

5.  You’re like a sister!

6.  You never go out alone.  It’s always in a group, most likely including other girls.

7.  Which brings me to number 7.  If he’s not really into you, he might not even have you meet his friends.  It’s an honor to meet the guys friends.

the guys gif photo:  beyonce_snl_guys.gif

8.  When you talk to him about problems this happens.

gifs photo: and? and.gif

9.  He says “Aw, Thanks,” a LOT.

10.  Your gut.  Most of the time your gut is right.

Do any of these sound like you?  If they do, I hate to break it to you but you have officially been friend zoned.

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