30 things before I’m 30


My good friend Ellen from Ask Away gave me the idea for this post.  It’s a 30 things to do before I’m 30.  Well since I’m 27 I’m not that far from 30.  I’ve made a bucket list of things to do before I leave this life and go to the next, but never made a list of things to do before a certain age.  Let’s see what 30 things I can come up with.

1.   Move out and/or buy a house/condo. Moved out March 12, 2016.  I moved into an apartment so I didn’t buy a house but almost lol!
2.   Start my own business, or just the blue prints for one would work too! 1/19/14 DONE!
3.   Adopt another dog. Adopted Zero April 14, 2016!
4.   Get involved with the Epilepsy Foundation.
5.   Pay off all of my student loans.
6.   Get started on my PhD (only if number 5 is crossed off).
7.   Build my blog. 2015 was my year.  I had so many collabs and sponsorships along with getting my stats up.  Definitely loved 2015 here on the blog.
8.   Plan an event and/or find someone (aka mentor) in the event planning industry.
9.   Possibly move back to Texas.
10. Go on a cruise-I’ve never been.
11. Go to Lucky FABB in LA. 4/3/14-4/6/14 DONE!
12. Do a photo shoot except I’m the person behind the camera. 4/4/14 at Lucky FABB DONE! 8/17/14 First REAL photoshoot!
13. Grow out my hair.  Started to in November 2016.  Still going strong!
14. See the Grand Canyon.
15. Ride a horse.  I have a fear of horses so the closest I got was petting the horse from the horse and carriage when we visited Krakow, that’s why I’m crossing it off. July 2017
16. Tone up a little bit. September 2015-thanks to Pole Dancing I got toned up a little bit and it probably saved me from more injuries in my car accident.  Volvo is the SAFEST car ever.
17. Eat Healthy Started June 2016-Present
18. Work with brands/collaberation. 4/30/14 I got my first email from a brand wanting to collaberate!
19. Learn how to cook. 2015, I made an omelette (lol) and some other dishes, but nothing major.
20. Learn how to make pierogi.
21. Pay off my car. 8/28/14 I traded in the car I was referring to in this post and got a car on my own with NO cosigner.  I’d say that’s worth a cross off this list.  However, now I have a new car so I’m back to payments, but in my defense I was rear ended and my car was totaled so it’s not my fault!
22. See Wicked and/or The Lion King on Broadway.
23. See a ballet.
24. Make more blogger friends. 5/17/14 my blogger brunch, I got to meet 3 more bloggers.
25. Write a book.
26. See my name in a magazine for blogging purposes. Featured as of 6/16/14 I saw my picture in the Indie Chick magazine under the sponsor section!  Yes, I paid for it, but it was still pretty cool to see my name in there hehe.
27. Go to a country concert. 8/30/15 Went to see a few bands Rascal Flatts was one of them.
28. Be in a car show.  July 2017 my Uncle entered the fiance and I in a car show.
29. Run a marathon, or do the Triatholon with my Dad.
30. Learn to bake without a recipe. 11/30/14 I made brownies all on my own and they actually weren’t too bad.  Just added too much flour hehe.


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  1. Hey your list is great but you wrote "ride a horse" twice in your list! I'll be turning 30 this November and it's really hitting me hard since my 20's will be officially over 🙁 but I am excited for my 30's!

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