5 for Friday


My pinning ceremony! 

This week I had my pinning ceremony for Mary Kay.  It was really quite special.  My recruiter/mentor/team leader introduced me
to the group before she pinned me.  She
was so sweet because she mentioned how I work full time, then I blog, and I’m
an Etsy shop owner.  It was really nice
to be recognized for all of the things I’m doing in life as of recently. 

Spring Cleaning
I don’t have a picture for this because well my room is a
mess.  Last week I talked about
remodeling and this week I’m cleaning.  I
have literally gone through books and papers from when I first moved in (at the
age of 5).  So about 7 trash bags later I
haven’t even gone through a quarter of my room. 
The best part is that the rest of it is just clothes and shoes that I
need to get rid of so I will either send them to my family in Poland (some
still have tags on them) or I’ll donate some to Salvation Army. 
Contacted my first Brand

This week I contacted my first brand to see if they would be
willing to do a collaboration.  I am
keeping my fingers crossed but I would be extremely (I mean jump up and down
screaming) excited if they said yes.  Keep
your fingers crossed for me palleaaasseee!

Don’t stop believing, hold on to that feeling!  Oh yes, I just broke out some Journey.  You know you want to get up and dance too.  Take that hair brush sing into it like you are the greatest singer in the world and jump around like a crazy person.  No judgement here.  Just a small town girl…

In all seriousness though, the reason why I am picking this song is because tomorrow I will be attending my first Mary Kay conference EVER, and next weekend I am attending Lucky FABB West.  I started thinking this week that you really can’t stop believing and then this song started playing in my head and I did a little head bob and everything.

Blogging 101 Session 1

I had my first future blogger contact me this week.  She’s an old friend of mine we used to work
together and she’s such a sweetheart.  I’m
actually so excited she wants to blog because let me tell you, girlfriend’s got
some awesome style and she’s not only beautiful on the outside but on the
inside as well.  Whenever I meet a girl
like that I want to give them a mini trophy or something because I truly
believe that you can be drop dead gorgeous on the outside but if your
personality is terrible you turn into an ugly version of yourself.  Anyway, she wants to meet and talk about
blogging 101.  I actually feel honored
she would ask me because I’m not even a big blogger (yet)!  So this weekend after my Mary Kay conference
I will be sitting down with her and teaching her the ropes.  Then she gets a free Mary Kay facial J yay!

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  1. Hey there! Visiting from the link up 🙂 Congratulations on your pinning ceremony with MK! It's pretty overwhelming sometimes to manage so many things at once, but it's so admirable when people find a way to make it work. Keep up the great work & I'm so glad you can help another blogger get her feet off the ground! xoxo

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