7 Spring Must Haves

Spring Must Haves

Burberry dress / Blue blouse, $33 / Zalando v neck top, $23 / H&M patch jeans, $42 / Black kimono, $33 / Stretchy skirt / Christian louboutin pumps / Pointy toe pumps / Gap pointy toe flat / Jersey scarve, $90 / Jane Norman brown scarve, $12

Happy First Day of Spring!  How exciting is this?  Another outfit idea post, it’s been quite some time since I did this and I miss making little outfits with clothes I don’t have in my closet yet.  Ok, well maybe I won’t be able to own the Louboutin’s but a girl can dream right?  Plus I’m pretty sure Marshalls will have something similar in the coming months.  If you know me well enough you know that Marshalls is one of my favorite stores.

Here is a list of my spring must haves.

1. Light weight scarves

  • First of all I love scarves in general and if it didn’t get so hot in the summer I think I would wear them in the summer.  I actually sometimes do when it’s a little colder.

2. Chambray

  • Chambray is my new favorite trend (I know it took me a while to jump on the bandwagon) and I currently have a dress and two Chambray tops that I cannot weight to wear all the time.

3. Skirts

  • Skirts are good transitional pieces because when it’s colder just wear tights and then once it warms up you can go bare legged, so scandalous!

4. Dresses

  • I love dresses.  End of story.

5. Cardigans

  • Cardigans are perfect because they are light so if it gets too hot on a spring day you can just take it off and toss it in your bag instead of a big bulky coat.  Let’s be real, we’ve all done the whole lugging around that huge coat when everyone else is in a tshirt.

6. Tshirts

  • Ok, so I’m really sorry but I love tshirts.  I love them in all different colors and whether they’re tight fitting or lose fitting, I hands down love them.

7. Boyfriend jeans

  • At first I hated this trend but then I tried on my first pair of boyfriend jeans (many years ago) and fell in love.  I still have that first pair of boyfriend jeans that I wear from 4 years ago.  They’re one of my favorite pairs of jeans.
Stay tuned this week, I have a few guest bloggers who also have their take on spring fashion starting today, the first day of spring!