Advice on landing THE job

“If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try
again.” Aaliyah
As most of you know it has taken me quite some time to get
to where I am with the job I have.  I
want to share a few do’s and don’ts of the whole process.  Keep in mind this is just my personal opinion
and advice.  First and foremost I want to
say DO NOT GIVE UP.  I think this should
be top priority.  If you don’t land that
job you interviewed for a few weeks ago don’t give up.  Everything happens for a reason and there’s a
reason why you didn’t get that job. 

This next thing is something I wish someone would have told
me when I was job hunting.  So when I
first started looking for a job I thought I would land my dream job because I
did everything the right way.  I went to
college and had a really good GPA and the next thing you do is you look for a
job.  So I thought that since I had a
degree I got first dibs before anyone else. 
I mean heck, I deserved it after all of that schooling.  I wish someone would have told me back then
that, that is the worst attitude to have. 
I now have my MBA and when I was job hunting after my MBA I decided I can’t
have an “I deserve this” attitude because I don’t deserve it.  I may have gone to school but maybe someone
else deserved this job more than me.  I
was still living at home with a roof over my head with parents who were willing
to help me out if I needed them.  Maybe
the person who got that job over me just got laid off and didn’t have money to
keep food on the table for their family. 
Maybe that other person deserved it more than I did.  Once I got rid of that attitude I actually
found my job.  It’s funny how these
things work.
First impressions are key. 
I cannot stress enough that appearance is important.  I know that you aren’t getting hired based on
your looks, however what you wear and how you carry yourself says a lot about
you.  Think of it this way, if you are
interviewing someone for your company (just roll with me here, you have your
own company) for an upscale job and they show up in jeans and a tshirt but the
next person comes to the interview dressed up in a suit who would you
hire?  That person in jeans and a tshirt
might be more qualified but the fact that they didn’t care enough to look
professional will make you look at the other candidate better.  I remember one job I had in the past they
hired me just because I came in a suit. 
When I walked into the office they were more business casual and they said
that’s normally their dress code but the manager hired me just because I took
the time to look professional and make it look like I took the interview
Do not lie on your resume. 
If a company is serious about hiring you they WILL call your
references.  I know this is supposed to
be understood but I’ve heard some outrageous stories when it came to this.
Try not to say words like “like,” “um,” “yea,” “ain’t,” or
any slang terms.  This is a place of
business, not a conversation with your friends.
I could keep going with what you should or shouldn’t do but
those are my main tips that I would give anyone who is trying to find a
job.  Especially with the economy the way
it is now it’s extremely hard to 1. Find a job and 2. Keep that job.  Once you do land that job, remember how
motivated and excited you were that first day? 
Stay that way for the rest of your time at that job.  It will significantly help you through your
days and it may also help those around you who are veterans to this job.


6 thoughts on “Advice on landing THE job”

  1. I think some of the best advice here is getting rid of the "I deserve this" attitude. It's hard to go from thinking if you do everything right, everything will happen for you to thinking more realistically. This doesn't mean hard work doesn't pay off, but that instant gratification simply does not exist for everyone in the job market. I had a difficult time with this myself when I was job-hunting after graduation. Lovely post! Thanks for writing.

    1. Thank you! That was one mistake of mine that I had this attitude where I went to school I graduated with a really high GPA and now it was on to the real world. Granted I graduated when the economy crashed but all of these other people were getting jobs and I wasn't. I was honestly extremely mad. Then something clicked and I thought you know what, maybe they "deserved" that job more than I did. I'm glad I went through all the struggles because now I appreciate my job THAT much more. Yea, there are hard days that are extremely stressful and I need more hours in the day, but then I think back on what I had to do to get here.

  2. Right. That sense of return, the sense that people owe you is an attitude that needs to be flushed. My best tip is to not take it personally when you don't get called…

    1. Yes exactly! You can never take anything personally because that's when you start doubting that you are a good fit for a job. They may have had someone more experienced but maybe they loved your attitude more. That was my problem after I graduated too I took it personally!

  3. Great article with wonderful advice! I especially like the point about appearance. I can't stand when I see my kids teachers in jeans and t-shirts. It is important to look professional on your job. When I taught, there weren't any 'dress down' days. For interviews or work, it is important to look the part!

    1. Also, if you think about it put yourself in a suit and put yourself in jeans and a tshirt. Which one do you feel more professional in? Employers do look at appearance and if you look the part they love that!

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