Can’t nothin’ hold me down.


You have to goof around a little bit right?  I was trying to mimic the whole “sexy model with sunglasses” look and failed terribly, so I resulted to some strange face haha.

Top:  Ralph Lauren {here}
Pants:  Burberry Prorsum {here}
Shoes:  Michael Kors {Marshalls, old}
Sunglasses:  Gucci {here}
My outfit of the day is so casual but I love it.  Sometimes you just need a day that is a
little more casual than others.  Today I
decided to have my striped Ralph Lauren sweater because I love anything Ralph
Lauren and I love ruffles.  I’m extremely
girly in that sense.
You’re probably wondering what in the world the title of
this post is for.  Well it’s not only
time to link up for #backthatazzup Friday but lately I’ve been feeling a little
down.  I’m not too sure as to why, maybe
it’s stress?  I’ve been trying to keep a
positive attitude because I feel like that is the cure to any negative
vibes.  Don’t worry, be happy.  Right?

If you haven’t heard Happy by Pharrell I highly suggest you
press that little play button up top. 
This song just makes me want to get up and do dance moves like a 50’s
sock hop.  It’s such a positive song and
the energy it gives off is amazing.  I
was sitting in traffic the other morning and it came on the radio so I decided
to make a fool of myself and entertain fellow drivers next to me by attempting
to dance in my seat.
And you want to know something?  For those 3+ minutes I forgot about all the
troubles in the world and felt like a teenager singing Britney Spears into a
hairbrush all over again.
Life is good.

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