Five for Friday

Ok, so I’ve seen this Five for Friday thing a lot and I
think I’m going to jump on this bandwagon. 
I mean come one, who doesn’t love to look back on how awesome the week
is ending right?

First and foremost I will post my song of the week which is
This is how we roll by Florida Georgia Line ft Luke Bryan.  They literally combined some pretty awesome country
stars into one song and this song is just fun. 
I think it’s going to be my spring time anthem.

Second.  I am
officially a personal shopper and Mary Kay consultant woot woot, here are my

Third.  I had a little
bit of a blogger meltdown as I’m calling it this week.  I got really down on myself because of a few
things that happened and I talked to my mom Tuesday night and said that I think
I might shut it down.  I started to cry (yes I cried over my blog don’t make fun of me) and my mom said how upset she was and that she wanted to cry but then my
blogger bestie turned into my blogger drill sergeant and whipped me back into
shape.  She literally told me wipe your tears and stop, just stop.  Not only did she give advice and
get me to feel better but she actually sat down and gave me tips for my
blog.  She literally spend about an hour
talking to me (I’m sure with her Chihuahua’s on her lap) and after that hour I
felt so much better.  This is why I love
the blogging community because even though we all work in the same industry we
all help each other.  It’s not a fight over who climbs the ladder faster.  I have yet to meet
someone who is mean.  Even big time
bloggers respond to my emails, maybe not right away because I’m sure they get 1,000 emails a day but they respond.  I think I got too caught up in trying to grow
my blog that I didn’t actually realize why I started blogging again.  I found it enjoyable and it was something I
was passionate about.  I think that’s
what my problem was.  So, I’m happy to
report that I’m back to normal and I’m putting the cray cray away.

That’s my best frannnnn.  Check out her blog if you haen’t already Ask Away

Fourth.  I don’t know
if I already talked about remodeling my bedroom, but I had this dream a few
weeks ago.  I was standing in my room and
it was completely transformed into a shabby chic version.  So I have taken it upon myself to at least
start by cleaning everything out and donating some clothes that I don’t wear

Fifth.  It’s Friday,
holllaaaa!  After how intense this past week has been with my etsy shop, the blog, Mary Kay, Personal shopping, and my full time 9-5 I’m ready for some sleep.  I need that beauty sleep for my first photo sesh since September tomorrow, woohoo!

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7 thoughts on “Five for Friday”

  1. Hey Monica! I completely understand. I am at a standstill because I am starting a new blog and have to wait for design. This can be a # of weeks and it sucks the big one. I find myself getting down about not writing as much as I want to bc I am saving it for new blog. I have to constantly remind myself to hang there. You are fabulous 🙂 Have a great weekend! xo

    1. Aww thank you so much! Hang in there girl! I've been back to blogging for almost a year now (I took a three year break back in 2010, long story) and the other day I talked to my friend and she literally lifted up my spirits.

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