Five for Friday

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1. I made my first sale
with Mary Kay woohoo!  Ok, well it was my
mom but still my first sale.

2. Here is my song to jumpstart the weekend.  Oh AND I finally bought my Florida Georgia Line CD two nights ago!

3. Spring is here, that means I get to start dressing in less
layers and I get to start remodeling my room soon!

4. Speaking of remodeling, I bought a piece of furniture.  The first piece for this remodel HOW EXCITING!  I didn’t take a picture yet because I had to rush back to work.

5. I went out to dinner with my coworkers last night and I absolutely loved that wall (the above picture) it was so cool!

By the way today is two years since I got my precious little baby Lilly.  I rescued her and since we don’t know what her birthday is I decided she would have her birthday the day I took her home.

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