Getting Pampered


This past weekend I was able to get pampered, woohoo!  I won a free pamper package from a Mary Kay .  Her name is Audra and if you are in NJ and need to find a Mary Kay consultant click here to get linked up to her site.  I will write a better post about more of what I learned once I receive the product I purchased.  I’ll talk beauty.  Oh yes, you heard right!  I rarely ever talk beauty but she taught me a thing or two.

I met Audra aka my new Mary Kay Beauty Consultant at Dunkin Donuts by my house.  She was so good about meeting me closer to home and she was willing to drive just to meet with me.  When I came to Dunkin Donuts this is how it was all set up.  How cute?  Now I don’t know if all consultants do this but this is just amazing.  It made me feel like she actually cared.  Not just a “I want to sell you something” type care, I mean a genuine care.  I learned a lot that day of how to cleanse your face, how to apply all different types of products, and that you have to apply makeup the opposite way.
I wore a really simple outfit to meet up with Audra but she couldn’t stop talking about how she loved my shoes.  I wore my favorite Betsey Johnson’s.

Top:  Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply {gift}
Pants:  Marshalls
Shoes:  Betsey Johnson {Marshalls, old}
That same day I did a little bit of shopping for my jars and for organization of my business.  I need to keep track of all of my expenses and how much profit I’m making.  Those accounting classes in college will help me with my numbers!  Of course this is just for basics for personal bookkeeping, once it gets to the point where I need an accountant I will definitely get one.  Well, I also bought some more little boxes for a project.  Here is what I also made this weekend.

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