Girls Night In

Girls Night In
Finders Keepers stretch mini dress, $255 / Print top / Blue denim shirt, $69 / Tory Burch skinny fit jeans / Boohoo black velvet legging / Valentino pink leather shoes / Tory Burch tan leather shoes / Ted Baker decorating flip flops, $58 / Salvatore Ferragamo color block tote / Victoria Beckham yellow leather tote / ERICKSON BEAMON blossom jewelry / Michael Kors bracelet jewelry / MARC BY MARC JACOBS buckle watch / Multi colored jewelry, $91

So, you want to have a girls night but no one feels like getting dressed up and going out.  The next best thing is having a mini slumber party for a few hours.  This is when you’ll do your nails, have wine and cheese/coffee.  Maybe you’ll watch some girly chick flicks and talk about what’s been going on in life lately.  Maybe even have a Mary Kay party (sorry I had to add that in there).  We all know time flies, sometimes you can go weeks without updating your friends and this is when you unwind and talk about everything.  Below is a picture of outfits for if you are attending a mini party at your friends house, wine and cheese night, or pampering yourself.

Pampering yourself

Ok so this is when you go back to basics.  You want to paint your nails and put on face masks.  This is where you wear yoga pants to your friends house.  That’s right, I just said wearing yoga pants outside of the gym is totally awesome.  If you know me well enough you know that I literally dress up for going to the local deli, I know it’s ridiculous, and I know I have a big fashion problem, but I can’t help it so please don’t judge me!  Anyway a few things I like to do are facemasks (they have really awesome ones at Walmart for a few dollars and it’s more for the fun than if it actually works), nails and toes, and then bring on the girl talk and movies!

Wine & Cheese

If you prefer jack and coke and burgers that’s totally fine too!  This is when you want to sit down and chit chat without being extremely distracted.  It’s not too formal because it’s not dinner or a party but it’s just enough time to talk and catch up.

Party time!

Ok, so this is when a few of you get together and make it an event.  You don’t want to go out and spend too much time and money and want to be in the comfort of a home.  You can either do something like  Mary Kay party, or just throw your own party.  Each person attending should bring a dish of some sort.  Whether it be something you made or something you bought (I would definitely buy, I think my friends would end up pretending to like what I cook).  If it’s nice outside get some of those candles or torches and have a little mini patio party.  This is when you bring the drinks.  Get creative with it, maybe you want a theme.

Now after reading both posts about a night out and a night in I think I prefer night ins more.  Just because I don’t like to go out a lot.  It gets pricey and you can’t really have quality time with your friends.

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