Girls Night Out

Girls Night Out

Remember as a child having slumber parties with your friends and you thought it was the greatest thing because how cool is it to go over your friends house or if you’re the house hosting this event (oh yes, it’s an event, it was a huge deal back in the day)how cool is it to have all of your friends come over for an extended play date?  I’m sure our parent(s) were not 100% thrilled, but it’s ok they got over it after they cleaned up.  Now as adults how can we have the same type of excitement?  Easy, here is the guide to having a girl’s night out. 
Girls’s Night Out means it’s time to get dolled up.  It’s time to let loose and go buck wild.  Ok maybe not all of that, but it depends on how you party.  Depending on where you’re going the below picture shows a movies/dinner/club appropriate outfit.
Girls Night Out is when you dress up and it’s not even to attract anyone it’s just so that you feel good about having an excuse to go out and go through the whole process of getting ready.
This is really just an excuse to get out of the house and relax.  There’s not much talking involved so this is when you and your friends don’t have enough time to sit down and talk.  You really just wanted to go out and relax.
Ok, so this is a little more than just the movies, but still not an all night event.  This is when you dress up and go out for dinner and maybe a few drinks.  This is when you talk to your friends.  This is when you vent about problems or talk about good things that have been in your life lately.  Maybe you met a new guy, or maybe you just got a new job.  Dinner can take a few hours but at least you have time to talk to your friends and you don’t have to go all out.
This is when you go all out.  You really need some time with your girls to party like you’re 21 again.  You need a reason to escape.  There will be no talking about bad problems, my one rule of girls night when you go out to a club/bar is NO negative vibes.  Especially when you’re drinking because then this can turn into a sob fest, and “ain’t nobody got time for that!”  This is when you go out and dance.  Be prepared for the guys that see a group of girls and almost attack their prey.  Trust me, it will happen.  The thirst is real ladies. 

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