Mary Kay Botanical Skin Care


As most of you know from reading about my Makeover Post, and my Getting Pampered Post I have found my new favorite cosmetics brand; Mary Kay.  
When I had my first encounter with Mary Kay I chose to go with the Botanical Effects line.  This skin care line is great for women with dry, normal, or oily skin.  This is perfect for me because I have combination skin.  I have dry skin everywhere except for my T-zone.  I have extremely sensitive skin as well and cannot use anything with an overpowering fragrance because my face will start getting itchy.  Another great thing that I love love love about this line is the packaging is green!  Go green!  The price of these two items is really awesome on your wallet too.  
Now, if you are like me and have sensitive skin that’s both dry and oily and are looking for something extremely light I highly recommend this line by Mary Kay!
Let me give you a little tutorial on how to apply, cleanse, and moisturize. 
1.  Use your ring finger and pinky.  Do you know why?  It’s because those two fingers are our weakest.
2.   Put a small amount (I mean about a dime size, trust me you could do a lot with this little) on your ring finger and pinky and put it on both hands so you can do this on both sides of your face.
3.  Did what I like to call the swoosh (my team member taught me how to do this).  Take both hands with your ring finger and pinky and just do a small stroke over your chin, your nose, and your forehead.  
4.  Now you may have a little bit left over on your fingers which is fine you can use this as well.  What you are going to do are circular motions with your ring finger and pinky going upward.  For skin care we go up and for makeup we apply down.
5.  Now all of these steps are used for both the cleanse and hydrate bottles.  The only difference is the cleanse gets washed off where as hydrate is used as a moisturizer.