Motivating myself at the gym

Ok, so I know a lot of people are probably going to the gym
because it’s that time of year.  The
holidays are over, we’ve stuffed our faces and now we’ve gained a few
pounds.  I’ve gained a lot more than
previous years.  I think it’s because I’m
not really active and my metabolism isn’t as great as it used to be because
well, I’m getting older.  I recently
joined a gym and have been extremely good about going.

I know in the past I never wanted to go to the gym because
let’s face it, after a long day of work you just don’t have the motivation to
go to a gym.  A few weeks ago I had been
wanting to go to the gym because I’ve packed on the pounds and I want to be in
shape and I do want to look good for bikini season.  My friend and I got to talking about going to
the gym and he is jacked, I mean I really don’t think there is any body fat on
him AT ALL.  He wants to become a
personal trainer so I said hey your gym is right down the road, I’ll join, and
you can practice your training skills on me.  Now my first day
going I could barely even lift the bar to do squats and this week I had 100 pounds to squat.  That’s double
what I did last time.
As some of you know I had physical therapy for my knee and
recently had my wrist drained.  Please,
if you have any injuries wait for them to heal because then you’re doing more
bad than good, that’s just counterproductive. 
Since I’m all healed I have been taking it slow because I don’t want to
injure myself.  My trainer is very
respectful of that and pushes me but he knows that I do actually have a limit
on my left knee and right wrist.

(I don’t have the source for this I had it saved on my computer but please add the link in the comments if you know!)
So let’s get to the actual point of this post.  How I motivate myself at the gym.
Go with a friend.  I
know I was and still am very intimidated when going to the gym.    Here
are people who know what they are doing and have been doing it for a while, I’m
going to look like an idiot.  Oh yea,
that thought still goes through my head. 
If you feel like this go with a friend. 
Most gyms have free trials for someone if they bring a friend.  Once you get more comfortable with how
everything works or even what workouts you need to do you will be more
confident in going.
Get a trainer.  If you
have no idea what you are doing, before you go hurting yourself I recommend getting
a trainer.  There are so many ways you
can injure yourself if you don’t have the right form or if you use equipment
incorrectly.  Yes, that squat bar may
look easy, and yes adding a few weights may be fine, but if you aren’t using
the right form you will end up injuring yourself in the end.  I got lucky and my friend is my trainer, but
honestly I highly recommend having someone who knows what they are doing.
Never say I can’t. 
You need to say I will try.  If
you physically can’t because you feel like something is wrong then DO NOT do
it.  Perfect example is the other day I
was doing dead lifts, the types of dead lifts that work out your
hamstrings.  My hamstrings got extremely
tight, and it wasn’t one of those oh it’s sore but it’s a good sore, it was a
bad, I think I’m going to pull a muscle type sore.  So I did not continue to do that exercise
because I didn’t want to injure myself. 
Don’t care about your appearance.  We all know we look gross when we sweat, no
one sweats sparkles and rainbows, got it? 
If you’re lifting you are going to end up making the most unattractive
faces, but who cares?  You’re at the gym
to work out.  I mean of course get
adorable workout clothes that accentuate every curve you want to be seen and
clothes that will cover any rolls you do not want seen, but don’t worry if your
hair is a mess and your makeup is all over your face because you are sweating
because honey WE ARE ALL GROSS.

Set goals.  In order to stay motivated you have to have some kind of a goal.  Why are you doing this?  What do you expect out of this?  I’m doing this for health reasons and because I want to participate in Tough Mudder this year.  I expect a feeling of accomplishment out of this.  I want to learn how to discipline myself and how to push my limits to see results.

I cannot tell you enough how great it makes me feel when people tell me that I am encouraging them to go to the gym with all of my fitness posts on my personal Facebook.  It’s nice to hear that just because I put up a few pictures or a few posts like “eating carrots instead of fries” actually motivates people.  Makes me feel pretty awesome!

Also, just to show you what dedication can do.  I’ve only been going to the gym for about three weeks now and already I see progress.  Here are my progress photo’s after only 2-3 weeks!


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    1. There are so many workouts out there that require no gym membership. Not just running but I did this challenge the other day and it was super hard. It was only 4 minutes but I couldn't walk afterwards for a few minutes. You just need discipline to be able to tell yourself ok it's time to do something. It's easier with the gym because you pay for it so you know you have to make the best of it!

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