Shabby Chic



I know I’ve probably mentioned this on here within the past
two weeks but a few weeks ago I had a dream that my whole entire room was
transformed into a shabby chic style. 
Now, I love anything girly, pink, frilly, cottage chic, vintage, and
country.  I feel like shabby chic is a
mix of all of those.  So of course I love
that style.  My dream was me standing in
my room and I watched my room transform in front of my eyes.  It was the coolest dream ever because it’s
almost like my subconscious mind had a swatch ready for me.
I decided to compile the above pictures to show some of you
the type of style I’m going for.  Also, I
was looking for more ideas because I am doing this all on my own.  I’ve already started painting some little
organizers and décor.  I figure I will
start off by getting rid of anything in my room I don’t need.  Now that’s a huge problem because I confess I’m
a mini hoarder.  I have things in my desk
and my wall unit from when I was younger. 
I mean, I still have the Spice World book.  That’s DEFINITELY here to stay, I will not
get rid of that because I am a faithful Spice Girl fan even in my late 20’s!  Don’t judge me.
It’s hard to get rid of some things from your childhood
because it’s memories of what was going on in life when it was much simpler.  I also have decided that the desk I have is
not going anywhere either.  My
grandfather got that for me before he passed away and that will stay with me
forever.  Even if it stays in a room in
my future house that no one will see it IS coming with me.  I’ve decided I will probably paint/stain it,
or maybe even change up the look a little bit. 
Maybe take it apart and use all of the pieces just not together.
I can’t wait to start remodeling, I haven’t done this in a
very long time and as much as I love my pepto bismal pink walls it’s time for a
more mature look.