Spring Break Essentials

Spring Break Essentials

Saloni keyhole back dress / Emporio Armani sleeveless top / Sperry Top Sider bandeau swimsuit / Sperry Top Sider bikini swimsuit / American Eagle Outfitters low rise shorts / Gianvito Rossi ankle tie wedge sandals, $500 / Ralph Lauren flip flop sandals, $8.29 / Christian Louboutin pink handbag / Tory Burch straw purse / Ray-Ban ray ban sunglasses / Forever 21 hat bands cowboy hat / Pura Vida hippie hair accessory / Sunscreen makeup / Mary Kay pink lipstick / Burt s Bees lip care / Neutrogena beauty product / Catseye cosmetic purse, $29 / Hair conditioner / Victoria s Secret beach towel / Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Fortifying Shampoo 25.4 oz

I’m extremely jealous of anyone who is going away for spring
break and lives on the east coast.  Shame
on you for not inviting me to some tropical island where you get to drink pina
coladas every day and lay on the beach. 
I want to get my tan on at the beach! 
I know what you’re thinking right now “gasp, not all Jersey girls fake
and bake like the cast of Jersey shore??!!” 
Actually, surprisingly most of my friends are fair skinned and use
anything with sun block to avoid sun damage in the future.  Let’s get started on some essentials, shall
  1. Bathing Suit. 
  2. Straw hat, in my case a cowgirl hat because y’all know I love
    all things country.
  3. Tank Top.  Just a
    basic tank top will do.
  4. Shorts, duh.
  5. Straw bag.  Not the
    most fashionable but I love them for some odd reason.
  6. Hair ties.  I don’t
    know about you but I DO NOT want my hair all over me when I’m getting my tan
    on.  Plus it’s too dang hot for that!
  7. Sunglasses.  I love
    love love Ray-bans.  I’ve loved them for
    quite some time and I am still obsessed with the blue lenses.  I don’t care if it’s trendy and “so last year”
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE them.
  8. Flip Flops.  Ugliest “sandal”
    ever, and cheapest quality, BUT they scream summer.
  9. Towel.  Unless you
    miraculously can lay out in the sun with no towel on those horrible beach
    chairs or wose, sand.  I am not one to
    have sand in places I didn’t know was possible, just sayin’.
  10. Maxi.  It’s funny how
    something so incredibly simple can be worn dressed up or dressed down.
  11. Wedges.  I mean we all
    need an excuse for more shoes right?
  12. Clutch.  Um, look at
    number 11, same goes for this one.
  13. Wash bag.  You know
    how you go down the shore (oh yes, in Jersey we say down the shore that’s not a
    typo) and you put everything in your canvas bag thinking it will be fine and
    then you go home and somehow your chapstick has sand all over it and your phone
    has sand stuck in the little mini cracks and crevices where your phone cover
    is, yea not cute.  A little zip bag is
    perfect and I know from experience it significantly helps with the sand
    problem.  It doesn’t completely get rid
    of the problem but at least you won’t be eating sand for dinner because you
    decided to put on some chapstick!
  14. Sunblock.  As you all
    know I recently began a new endeavor with Mary Kay.  My first get together I was given some skin
    treatment and we talked about the importance of preventing sun damage.  My consultant (now my team member) is fair
    skinned just like me.  Her face is
    literally flawless, but you want to keep that pretty face right?  She showed me a picture of a man who was a
    truck driver and you could clearly see the sun damage on his driving side
    compared to his right side that looked pretty normal.  Wear sunblock, you don’t want to look like
    Leather face right?  Don’t get me wrong I
    love being tan and if I could stay tan all year around I probably would but my
    skin in the long run is more important.
  15. Shampoo.  I have the
    most annoying hair.  It’s thin, fine, and
    it gets greasy SO quickly.  I’ve tried
    not washing it for days and seeing if maybe washing it once a day is what’s
    making it extra oily and no because by day three my hair looked like I just got
    out of the shower.  Ew, gross.  I finally found a shampoo that has minimized
    the John Travolta in Grease look. 
    Garnier Pure clean is seriously the best shampoo ever. 
  16. Conditioner.  If you’re
    going to be swimming in salt water make sure you condition your hair.  That salt dries it out so quickly.  I have tried a lot of conditioners but the
    Organix Argon Oil conditioner not only conditions but it smells so delish.
  17. WATER.  Capital
    letters were definitely necessary.  The
    human body is supposed to intake I think it’s 8 glasses of water a day on a
    regular day.  Drink lots of water especially if you are drinking alcoholic beverages.  You need to stay hydrated because you’re in heat and you have alcohol in your system.  
  18. Lip Balm.  I’m a huge Burt’s Bees Girl.  I swear by them over any other brand of lip balm.
  19. Lipstick.  This is a Mary Kay lipstick and I must say (this is not because I’m a consultant) I fell in love with this lipstick the first time I tried it.  The color is good for something that looks natural but a little extra pop.
  20. CC CREAM.  Now, let me tell you the difference between BB and CC.  CC stands for Complexion Correction.  This means it not only covers but it corrects what imperfections you have on your face whereas BB is more for coverage.  I actually  learned that this past weekend during my makeover session.