Trending Topics Thursday-Relationships

Well, this isn’t necessarily a trending topic but it’s
something that I think almost everyone talks about at one point in their
life.  Most likely more if you always end
up with the bad boy/bad girl.  Let’s look
at some Pros and Cons based on my experiences before I get into anything
  • You have someone to talk to about ALL of your problems.
  • You have an extra person supporting you and rootin’ you on.
  • You have someone to snuggle up with.
  • You have someone who cares (and if it’s serious loves) you
    for your strange self.
  • You have someone to go on dates with.

  • You have someone else to think about besides yourself.  Meaning, you can’t be selfish.
  • You have someone (and their family if you’re that serious) that
    you have to buy holiday/birthday gifts for.
  • You have to share your space and food with
  • You might not have someone supporting you, instead they are
    putting you down and you can’t do the things you want to do.
  • Infidelity.
  • My favorite con (what an oxy moron) a little thing called
    jealousy can come into play, on both ends.

I guess this leaves me with what would make you want a
relationship and what would make you want to be single.  From experience I love being in a
relationship because I have someone to talk to besides my mom.  I have someone who will be brutally honest
with me even if it means we will fight about it.  I get to dress up and go out on dates with this
person.  I have someone that I can do my
tomboy’ish things with like go to car shows (all of my friends are NOT into
anything like that except for one). 
If you are in a healthy relationship you have someone who
will support you with everything you do regardless of if they think it’s
stupid.  For example all of the
businesses I have taken on, if I were in a healthy relationship my significant
other would be so excited for me to start these new journeys.  I would love to share all of my successes
with more people than just my family.  I
would love to share the excitement with someone else, but it’s just not my time
yet.  Another good thing about
relationships if you have someone to be cute with.  You have someone to share those fun moments
with.  Someone will be there if you need
to cry or if you just need someone to hold you when you’re upset.  In my case I have my two dogs that if they
even see one tear they come running up to me and start licking my face to snap
out of it.  If you aren’t close to your
family like I am, you have the closest thing to family by your side.
Now onto the reason why I love being single; I’m free to do
whatever I want.  I can be career driven
with absolutely no distractions except my fur baby.  I don’t have to answer to anyone and I can be
selfish.  I don’t have to worry about
someone else’s feelings.  I don’t mind
caring for more than one person I mean I care for my dog she’s not a person but
it’s still a being that I have to care for. 
It’s just easier to care for just yourself and your dogs.  I’ve been in horrible relationships in the
past but I’ve also been in good ones.  I
don’t like fighting nor do I like jealousy. 
I cannot stand exes that don’t know how to go away even after they are
blocked on all social media networks and phones.  It’s just extra drama that I don’t need to
bother with.
One thing that bothers me is when people complain about
either being in a relationship or being single. 
First of all if you are complaining about your boyfriend every hour then
I think you need to go onto the next, or reevaluate because maybe you’re doing
something wrong.  I can’t stand the
people who feel sorry for themselves because they are single.  Ladies and gents, I’ve been single for way over
two years now and I am loving it.  Own
it!  Take this time to really find
yourself and be able to be who you want to be. 
Take this time to travel or to become the career driven person you want
to be.  Take this time to be selfish.  Don’t feel sorry for yourself just because
all of your friends are married with kids or just got engaged.  Who cares?! 
If it’s not your time it’s because the right person hasn’t found you
I don’t like when people rush into relationships just
because they want to be married too. 
This is one of my biggest pet peeves. 
What is the point of spending all of this money on a wedding and
reception if you’re just going to get divorced five years down the road?  I’d rather be single for those five extra
years and find Mr. Right, not Mr. Right Now. 
Some people were lucky enough to find someone at a younger age, be happy
for them, DO NOT BE JEALOUS!  Don’t be judgmental,
especially when it comes to people who get engaged or married after a short
time of being together.  Sometimes those
relationships actually do work.  When I
see engagements, marriages, or kids statuses up on Facebook I get so excited
for these people.  Good for them, great
that their life is turning out this way. 
I don’t feel sorry for myself because it’s just not my time yet.  Right now I need to take care of myself first
and what’s important to me.  If I was
ready for a big step like that I would’ve already been engaged or married.  Also, if I never get married that’s fine
too.  I’m not looking for anything nor do
I want to.  If it happens then it

That’s why everyone if you love your relationship I’m happy
for you, if you hate your relationship you might want to think about ending
it.  If you love being single here’s a
big woohoo, if you hate it then stop complaining and make your life busy so you
don’t think about it.  Who knows you
might turn out like me where you start with a blog, then go onto an Etsy
business, become a Mary Kay consultant, while still working my 8:30-5:30
job.  It’s possible.  This is your life, make the best of it.