Trending Topics Thursday

I decided that every Thursday I’m going to attempt to
discuss trending topics, and if it goes well maybe I will make it a link up.  Just keep in mind that these are all of my
opinions and it is completely different from what I normally post on my blog
and maybe some people won’t like it because this is supposed to be a fashion
blog but I feel as though I really need to write sometimes and let my brain do
all the talking instead of my clothing. 
Plus, if I get a bad response there is a delete button.
One trending topic I have been seeing on a lot of my friends
social media sites or even from conversations is girl on girl hate.  There’s actually a video I watched by The
Indie Chicks that describes this in a nutshell. 
Click the little play button below to see it.

What is girl on girl hate? 
What does it stem from?  Why is “Mean
Girls” not just a movie but reality?  Why
do girls do this?  Will it ever
stop?  These are some questions I ask
myself when I read status updates about either a victim of girl on girl hate or
the actual person spewing it.  It’s sad because
we are women.  We are supposed to set
examples and we are supposed to be friends.  We are supposed to help each other and be
sisters.  We are supposed to support one
another it whatever it is that we want to do in life.  Why the hate? 
Is it really necessary?  Of course
we will disagree and we will argue but is it really necessary to call a girl a
name just because she doesn’t agree with one of your opinions?
Mean Girls is the perfect example of how girl on girl hate
starts and develops.  It stems from a few
things but in my opinion mainly insecurity and jealousy.  Jealousy over other women is a very ugly
trait.  Don’t get me wrong I’ve made the
joke of saying I’m so jealous that you have that bag or shoes but I’m not
actually jealous.  If you’ve ever watched
Mean Girls look at Regina George for example.   
She’s Queen B right?  Look at what
she has to do to stay that way.  If you
actually think about it she knows she has competition that’s why she started to
feel threatened when the new girl on the block started to become more popular
than her.  That’s when the claws came
out.  They were fighting over
popularity.  Really?  I mean, seriously? 
You have to pick your battles and most of the time when a
girl talks about another girl and starts saying the typical words like fat,
bitch, anorexic, stupid, slut, etc. you just need to either stick up for the
person or just let it go.  More than half
the time the girl who is saying those words doesn’t even know the girl.  She most likely heard a rumor, dated the same
guy, is an ex, or just doesn’t like her for no reason.   
Ladies, just remember, you can be the prettiest girl but if
you have an ugly heart you too will lose your pretty.  Empower each other.  Support one another.  Don’t judge. 
Most importantly put yourself in the other person’s shoes.  Would you want someone saying these things to
I will leave you with a quote.

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.  Plato

4 thoughts on “Trending Topics Thursday”

  1. Thanks for sharing the video and discussing this topic more. Girl on girl hate is very real and very ridiculous. Once women realize that when women support one another we're nearly unstoppable…well the world would be a much better place.

  2. What a nice, thoughtful post! I love this, Monica! Women need to cheer each other on instead of being competitive. We're so much more powerful when we stand together. Girl power!

    The Closet by Christie

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