15 ways to know if someone is from NJ

Today’s trending topic is extremely fun for me.  I have been wanting to write something like
this for a while.  How do you know what
states people are from?  Well, you can
normally tell by at least the region with their accents, but what is so
particular about each state that out of staters just wouldn’t understand and it’s
one of those “it’s a (insert state here) thing.”

  1. You never say Joyzee (or however you spell it) unless you’re
    making fun of out of staters.  It’s
    Jersey or NJ.
  2. Bagels are the bomb, especially at your local bagel place.
  3. Disco fries at a diner at 1am is a must if you ever come here!
  4. Pizza.  You know it’s
    not as good as NY but better than all of the other states.
  5. Taylor ham, egg, and cheese. 
    Enough said.
  6. You get asked about Jersey Shore a lot.  No Snooki’s not my best friend, and no we
    aren’t like that.  They aren’t even from
  7. We say “down the shore” not “down to the shore.”
  8. You know where someone lives once they tell you what exit they
    are off of which highway.
  9. The closest mall is about 30 minutes away from you if not
  10. You know what Weird NJ is. 
    You may have even gone to one or all of them.
  11. Summer time is from Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day
  12. You know what “the boards” are.
  13. People thought this last Superbowl was in NY when actually
    you knew it was in NJ.  Get it right.  Don’t lie New Jerseyans, you were a little offended.  I was and I’m not even into football.
  14. You don’t pump your own gas. 
    Although, some people like me actually know how to.  Wow, surprising I know!
  15. We get excited when NJ is mentioned in a positive way.
Do you have any moments where you say that only people from your state would understand?  Share them below I’m curious!