5 for Friday


Cavenders putting me on their Facebook & Instagram page!  That’s only my favorite boots store, no big deal!
Song of the week-let’s go with The Motto by Drake.  My coworker and I have been full on jammin’ to this song all week.
BMW 5 series.  So my car has been at the dealer the past 3 days (it’s giving me separation anxiety) and I’ve been driving the new (2013) 5 series.  Let me just tell you this car is awesome.  So many features!!  I love the brown leather interior, the sport mode, the bass, and the CUP HOLDERS!!  BMW, you made a smart choice switching back to regular cup holders because the ones in my 2011 are no bueno.  Great idea, but horrible execution for people like me who drink coffee that’s bigger than a small.
This brings me to number four.  DRIVING WITH MY WINDOWS DOWN!
Busy Life.  Ok, now I know that most of the time I complain about being busy, however I am loving the fact that I’m busy but in a productive way.  Everything that I’m doing nowadays that is keeping me busy is for the better of my blog or for the better of my Jar business.  Mary Kay has been put on hold for a little bit because my blog comes first before anything.  Well my full time job comes first, then the blog, then the jars, and THEN Mary Kay.  Can’t you tell that I’m crazy busy?
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  1. Stopping by from the link-up!! How awesome that you were featured on their social media pages – so fun!! Loving the interior of the BMW…even if it was for a short while it's always nice to drive a different car! Happy Friday!

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