Awesome Sauce Weather


Sunglasses:  ZeroUV {here}
Hair Tie:  France Luxe {here}
Necklaces:  Made by my Mom
Tank Top, Cardigan, Jeans:  Ralph Lauren {here}
Sandals:  Forever 21 transformed by me
Do the sandals look familiar?  I made them and the tutorial was posted yesterday.  It was extremely easy!
The sunglasses are amazing!  I got them as part of my Lucky FABB swag bag.  I have been wearing them ever since I got them.  Seriously, I can see through them and they keep the sun out of my eyes and not to toot my own horn but they look awesome on too.

The hair tie was also part of Lucky FABB.  The one thing I love about this hair tie is it doesn’t pull and it holds my hair in place without hurting my head or hair.

*Please note I received the sunglasses and hair tie as a gift, however all opinions are my own.


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