Beauty Must Haves

Beauty Must Haves

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Let’s talk beauty.  I
wanted to talk about a few of my beauty must haves in cosmetics bag.  I think my problem is that I won’t buy anything
else I always stick to what I have with me. 
I just feel weird using something different.
1.  Skincare
First and foremost I’d like to talk a little bit about skin
care.  Since I started with Mary Kay the
one most important thing that they have taught me is how important skin care
is.  This is your blank canvas.  If there is an imperfection in a canvas it
makes it more difficult to paint correct?  With that being said before I started Mary Kay
I didn’t really wash my face except with soap. 
Then I discovered the micro dermabrasion set.  It’s really great for exfoliating and it
leaves your skin extremely soft.  Mineral
powder foundation is also considered part of your skin care.  I use mineral powder regardless just because
I like how light it is and it covers just enough for my every day face.
2.  Cheeks

Bronzer is one of my favorite pieces of beauty
essentials.  No I don’t put it all over
my face to make it look orange I use it to contour.  I use it to accentuate the good parts about
my face and hide the flaws.  This should
be applied and blended the correct way. 
There are many tutorials out there that teach you exactly how to apply
bronzer.  This should be applied before
blush, which brings me to the second portion of cheeks.
If you are old enough to remember (like myself) back in the
80’s and I believe early 90’s the trend was to have extreme blushed
cheeks.  I’m talking about extremely pink
blush.  My mom had fallen into this trend
because I used to play with her makeup and the blush was REALLY pink.  Nowadays your blush is very subtle.  Just enough to give you a little bit of
3.  CC Cream

I have no idea why CC cream was not invented earlier.  This stuff is literally a miracle in a
bottle/tube.  It’s better than BB cream
because it actually does a little extra and it not only covers but corrects at
the same time.  DEFINITELY a must have!
4.  Eyes

If you know me then you know my makeup is all about the
eyes.  If I had to choose between
foundation and eye makeup I would chose eye makeup any day.  I’m not a huge fan of mascara but I have to
have this for special occasions.  My
eyelashes fall out more than other people’s so I stay away from mascara unless
I really need it.  I’m more about the
shadows and eyeliners, especially liquid liner. 
Liquid liner is by far my favorite eye makeup essential.
5.  Brushes

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking because I was
thinking the same thing.  It’s a brush,
why do I need a million of them?  First
of all each brush serves a different purpose. 
Once I get all of my Mary Kay inventory situated I will definitely post
pictures and tutorials so everyone kind of understands.  The brushes are made a certain way so that
you use the product to its best potential. 
For example, a foundation brush has the specific shape it has so you get
the most product on your face, not in the air. 
Stay tuned for a little tutorial on brushes hint hint (probably in a few
6.  Lips

I’m definitely a Burt’s Bees kind of girl.  I’ve mentioned this before.  There’s just something about Burt’s Bees that
keeps my lips amazing!  I apply this
before lipstick/lip gloss.  Don’t ask me
why, I just do it.  The lipstick is one
of my favorites from Mary Kay, it has such an awesome color!

This concludes my lovely beauty essentials post.  I was not paid for any of these opinions.  Also, the Mary Kay abundance isn’t because I
am now working with Mary Kay but because their products are just really good.  I’m not going to lie my favorite Mary Kay
product is the CC cream, it literally works wonders.   If you want to test them out just go to the
website and type in your zip code.  It’ll
tell you what consultants are in your area.