Well folks today my blog (the serious blogging) is a year
old!  The official blogiversary is June 8th
(she will be 4, yes my blog is a she), but since I stopped blogging for three
years and started back up I decided today is a day to celebrate.  A year ago today I started blogging again on
accident actually.  My coworkers were
really into blogs and reading them daily and when I told them I used to have
one they told me I should start up again, I mean my mom was taking daily outfit
photos of me for Instagram anyway so what the heck right?

I started blogging again last year just because I figured it
would be a fun hobby.  I mean why not, I
don’t do anything when I come home anyway might as well blog and share my
fashion views with the cyber world.  
Never in a million years did I think I would be where I am today.  I’ve been to two Lucky FABB’s NYC and
LA.  I’ve met so many amazing women one
of which is my best friend in real life too. 
We may not speak as much as we would like to but she was the person who
stopped me from quitting on this blog.  Thanks
to my blog I started my own Etsy business because of all the creativity I’ve
developed over the past year. 
I’ve become a different person since I started blogging, not
just style wise but mentally and emotionally. 
I am more confident and have accomplished so much more in life due to
that newly found confidence.  I would
like to thank my family, and friends for the amazing support and for taking
pictures of me ALL the time.  I would
like to thank my mom who puts up with me every time I say “not now mommy I’m
blogging!”  Most importantly I would like
to thank all of the people who read my blog or follow me on any social networks
for my blog.  It means a lot that you
read this silly little blog because without you I wouldn’t have gotten so far,
and I wouldn’t have evolved into the person I am without your help.

Here’s to a year and many more to come!

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