Car Show Season

What to wear to the Car shows
Topshop chiffon shirt / Ted Baker green top,  / J Brand capri jeans,  / J Brand jeans / Valentino strappy flat, / Converse high top / MCM backpack / Tory Burch travel bag / Kate Spade bib statement necklace / MARC BY MARC JACOBS black jewelry,  / Sperry Top Sider leather jewelry / Green bangle bracelet

As some of you may know I’m a car girl.  I have been asked what I wear to car shows.  You definitely want to be comfortable and I would suggest bringing a backpack not a purse.  It’s more comfortable because if you’re like me and like to actually enjoy yourself and look at the cars a bag that is going to fall off your shoulders is going to put a damper on your day.

The above two outfits are my go-to’s.  Depending on what the weather is like is how I decide.  if it’s colder or if it looks like it is going to rain I won’t try to dress too cute and I will definitely turn to my converse.  If it’s nice outside that’s when I’ll dress up a little more girly.  It’s still comfortable because don’t forget you’re going to be walking around a lot.  Especially if you’re dating a car fanatic, be prepared, be VERY prepared.


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