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So I bought these sandals at Forever 21 when I was in California for Lucky FABB.  Even though they were extremely inexpensive ($8) and my feet couldn’t take my 5 inch platforms anymore, I was disappointed.  I bought defective sandals, and we all know that Forever 21 does not accept returns, even for defective merchandise.  The thong area of the sandal is way too big so it’s almost like a mountain of sandal strap over my foot.  Thanks to this issue, the sandals slide like crazy.  My foot goes straight but the sandals slide and go pigeon toed.  With that being said I decided to do a little DIY project so that I would add some extra material between the mountain strap and my foot to see if it would stop sliding.  Here goes!

The only things you are going to need are sandals, scarves, and scissors.  I chose two different scarves because I wanted more black than pink however if you want three different colors whether it be solid or a pattern that is all up to you!
The first thing is cut the scarves up and then put them through and loop it like shown below.

Start braiding the colors.  I chose a fish braid instead of a regular braid, but with these scarves it doesn’t really look that different because of the pattern.  Also when you braid make sure you also loop the scarf underneath so that you are actually attaching the scarf to the sandals rather than just braiding on top of it.
Once you are finished try them on and close the small buckle, then afterwards tie the rest of the pieces of the scarves into a bow and you are finished with your DIY sandals! 


2 thoughts on “DIY Sandals”

  1. That's amazing, Monica!! Your DIY sandals look exactly like the originals, but way more practical. I'm not into Forever 21 for that very reason. Any company that sells poor quality products and doesn't stand behind them obviously doesn't care about their customers!

    You've really got a knack for DIY and seeking out the positive in any situation! I'm impressed!

    The Closet by Christie

    1. Aw thanks so much Christie! I'm not a fan of their policy. I've already had issues in the past. I bought more things and didn't pay attention but there were defects. I just really needed a pair of inexpensive shoes at that very moment haha.

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