DIY Spring Nails


Whenever I think of daisies I always think of spring.  Or I think of that movie Driving Ms.
Daisy.  Let me tell you my mom is like
Ms. Daisy just less grumpy and more humorous. 
I don’t mind driving her around because she’s quite the character and
she’s not as bad as my dad when it comes to telling me how to drive.  Ok, now that I rambled, what this post is
really about is how to put daisies on your nails.

I chose a darker base color because it’s against the norm.  I’m all about being the opposite, when
everyone is painting their nails pastel for Easter, or light colors for spring
I pick dark blue.  The reason why is because
the flowers pop out more so essentially the nails aren’t really that dark.

Colors that were used:
OPI Euroso Euro
OPI Clear Top Coat
Sally Hansen Maximum Shield
Nail Chic Yellow and White
First things first is paint your nails with the Maximum
Shield.  This will protect your nails
from any damage that can be caused from the dark color.  Darker colors stain your nails faster than
lighter colors.  I prefer this as a base
coat over anything else because it does have some sort of protectant in
it.  I’m not saying your nails won’t get
damaged because anything that you put on your nails won’t save them from the
damage of nail polish but it will help slow down the process.

Second step is to paint your nails with Euroso Euro which is
the blue color.  I applied two coats
because OPI is normally good quality polish so I only need two, but sometimes
you may need to add a third coat if it’s a pastel color.

Third is to take the yellow nail chic pen and make little
yellow dots however you’d like on your nails. 
You don’t have to copy mine if you don’t want to!

The fourth step is to take your white nail chic pen and
create your petals.  Create the petals
the way you normally would if you were doodling on your notebook, then fill in
the petals afterwards.

Let your nails fully dry.
The last step is to use the OPI Top Coat, and your nails
have to be completely dry otherwise the top coat will cause runs and then you’ll
have white and yellow all over your nail instead of just where you wanted it to