Dressing free Salad Recipe

Dressing Free Salad Recipe
Ok, so you want to start eating healthy but you’re not a big salad person.  I know a lot of salads out there are getting doused in dressing and at that point it really takes away from eating something healthy, it’s almost like the two cancel each other out.  I know what you’re thinking about how disgusting a salad will taste without dressing but here is an extremely easy way to eat a healthy salad without dressing.
First and foremost the right ingredients are any types of fruit you like.  I prefer strawberries, blackberries, oranges, and sometimes raspberries and kiwis.  Cut them up whatever size you’d like.
For the greens part of the salad I use Taylor Farms Organic baby spring mix from I believe it’s Sam’s Club.  Maybe Cosco I can’t quite remember.
Add feta cheese to the top and then mix it all together later.  Voila, a dressing free salad that tastes good.


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