Easter Nails

Now I know in yesterday’s post I said I wasn’t going to do the typical Easter nails, however I decided I wanted to try and test it out just to see if I could do it.  

Like usual Maximum Shield is the first thing I put on.  The colors used were all by Sally Hansen “I Pink I Can” “White on” and “Mellow Yellow.”  I also used Nail Chic nail art pens.

I took I Pink I Can and Mellow Yellow for the Easter Egg design.

This is the start of the Easter Bunny.  Take a white nail art pen and draw a head and ears for the bunny.

While the bunny is drying start on the chicks that are hatching from an egg.

Also use the orange nail art pen for the beak.

Now that the white bunny is dry take a pink nail art pen for the nose and ears.

While the above is drying start on the carrots for your pinky.  I personally didn’t like the way these came out, however you may be able to make a better design than me.

The final step is to add the black eyes and whiskers for the bunny, wait for all nails to fully dry and use OPI Top Coat.  Have fun creating art on your nails!

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