For those chilly nights

Here in NJ we are kind of in between winter and spring.  It can get cold or it can get really warm but
at night time it’s always a little chilly. 
For those chilly nights the perfect accessory to have is a vest.  It’s not uncomfortably warm because it doesn’t
have sleeves and it’s just enough warmth to help you make it through a little
cold night.

Vest:  Ralph Lauren {here in the men’s section}
Bag:  Gucci {here}
Boots:  Corral {Cavenders}
Photos by JandR Pictography

The great thing about vests is they’ve been around forever
and it’s just like a jacket, which is a trend that will never die.  It’s a coat without sleeves.  It keeps you warm without being uncomfortable
and they’ve made so many trendy ones that the vest is here to stay.  Below are a few awesome vests that go to show the different trends a vest can have.Vests