Flats:  Dr. Scholl’s {old, Famous Footwear}

When Kushyfoot first asked me to review their product I didn’t really know what to expect.  Whether it was knee highs or tights, but then one of the best inventions of all time was sitting waiting for me in the box; foot covers.  I wear flats a lot because I’m tall and sometimes you need a little mini sock as I like to call it to help your foot either stop from hurting or believe it or not adding a little bit of warmth.

I personally love all of the colors but I’m a sucker for designs and lace so when the nude and black foot covers had polka dots and lace I couldn’t resist.  Just because no one can see does NOT mean you have to stay with the typical foot covers.  The best part is they are somewhat thick so they still have yet to snag and catch a run in them!  I highly recommend these!

*Please note that I was given this merchandise to review at no cost to me, however all opinions are my own.