Lucky FABB Trip Day 1 Part 1


First and foremost I need to talk about all of the good
things that happened prior to even getting to Lucky FABB.  I flew with Virgin America Airlines and when
I stepped onto the plane it looked like a lounge and the lighting was pink.  That right there told me it was going to be
an amazing trip.  Once I landed in LA the
first thing I see is a giant poster of Marilyn Monroe, not THE Marilyn Monroe
but a pretty good replica of her.  That
right there was the icing on the cake for me. 
I knew it was going to be an amazing trip.
The first day of Lucky FABB was the guest speakers up on
stage for the first half of the day and then the second were all of the
breakout sessions.  Let’s start with some
The two lovely bloggers that I spent most of my time with in LA were Alex from Glory Boon and Christie from The Closet by Christie.

Our first cab right as a trio for our trip.

A picture with the Lucky FABB sign is a must in my book.

This is Mel she blogs over at 

There were a few guest speakers but the one that stuck out
most to me was Nicole Richie.  No, it
wasn’t because her hair was purple but because she was so different than what I
had imagined.  I’ve seen her wild part
days with Paris Hilton on The Simple Life and when she was up on that stage she
seemed completely different.  I loved
that she talked about her garden, let me tell you that is my dream to have an
awesome vegetable and fruit garden.  I
would love to grow my own organic vegetables and fruits.  Lucky FABB staff emailed all of us a few
weeks ago asking if there was anything we would like to ask Nicole Richie what
would it be?  I thought my question was
generic, “ how do you handle herself when people comment on your fashion
and say negative things about it?  How do you overcome the negative
people?”  Not only did she answer the
question but Eva Chen (the best editor in chief of any magazine out there) said
that any questions that get chosen the person must stand up so that Nicole can
see who she’s talking to.  I got really
excited when my name and question were called. 
Oh and the answer was pretty much (my shortened version) is that there
will always be people who don’t like you or your style.  You just have to move on and keep going.  Pretty much, don’t care what people think.
Moving on to some more pictures.

The fabulous Eva Chen and Nicole Richie.

Poshmark had us take some pictures and upload them onto instagram for some fun.

Lunch was absolutely amazing.  Then they had these adorable little mousse jars.  So tasty!

I actually asked Alex if I could photo bomb her mirror selfie.

Another fun instagram for Caravelle.  By the way their watches were adorable!

This juice is absolutely delicious, seriously.

How cute is this mini champagne bottle?
Oh, and at the end of the day, I won a $500 gift card to  Just wait until I show
all of you the item I chose!  I literally
just ordered it yesterday and the person I’ve been communicating to has been
extremely helpful!

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