Lucky FABB Trip Day 1 Part 2

Now, onto the fun part, the after party.  Ok, well maybe not an after party, more like
dinner and sleep, but hey that’s still an awesome after party if you ask me!

That scarf was part of the gifting suite for All Access Lucky FABB Attendees.  I absolutely love it!  Thanks Joules!

So the girls and I decided that we were going to go explore
a little bit.  We were invited to an
event at The Grove, but when we got there no one was there so we decided to go
eat first.  The first place that the
girls picked was Cheesecake Factory but there was a 50 minute wait, yup you
read that right FIVE ZERO!  I told the
girls that I was way too hungry and could even be happy with a pretzel so we
decided to walk across the mini street where the trolley goes and we discovered
La Piazza.  It was delicious.  The service was great, the location was
beautiful, we sat outside and they had heating lamps that they adjusted for us,
and the food was spectacular.  I decided
to be plain and get a California Style Pizza then Alex and I shared some
dessert with some coffee on the side for both of us.

Nighty night Trolley!

The lovely Alex brought us some samples of her cosmetics line that is all natural.  Now I know I’m a Mary Kay girl but I must say I love her stuff.  I just got some more stuff from her so I will do a full review on everything in one post.  You just have to wait and see what’s in this box.  Well, actually, if you’re following me on instagram you already know what’s in there!
After that a lovely relaxing evening was in order.  I decided to grab my Lucky magazine with a
glass a wine.  

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