Lucky FABB Trip Day 2 Part 2

Yay for free time to explore!  Once the conference was officially over us girls went back to our hotel and checked out what we got from Lucky.  I dumped everything on the bed and just looked at all of it like a kid on Christmas morning.  I even tested some stuff out while I was looking through everything. 

My future car hehe.
While Christie wanted to relax and hang out on the rooftop by the pool Alex took me to go explore.  Since the girls explored the day before I came Alex was nice enough to show me a few things.  The one thing I kept telling myself that I had to do was see Marilyn Monroe’s star on the Walk of Fame.  Keep reading to find out if I actually did.

Yes, that is most definitely a Rolls Royce behind me!

So first we went shopping at The Grove because we knew that we were going out later on and I didn’t really prepare for a night out outfit.  After that we decided to stop by the Hollywood area.  I finally got to the Walk of Fame!  I saw Snow White and Marilyn’s star.  Then we walked and I saw the Hollywood sign in the distance.  It’s so awesome seeing something like that and knowing that, that’s what you see in all of the movies.  Of course we were in California and stopped at a NY style Pizzeria.  I will say the pizza was super yummy and definitely NY Style.  Let’s not forget to mention how huge one slice was.  Alex and I just ended up splitting one because one slice is bigger than a personal pie.

Look who I found.  Ok, so maybe I googled where to find her.

The Hollywood sign is behind me if you look extremely close haha.
After all of that walking around we came back to the hotel and all three of us went up to the rooftop just to hang out a little bit.  It was so pretty.  Words couldn’t even describe how pretty it was.
Once we were done lounging on the rooftop we decided to start getting ready for our night.  Come back tomorrow to see where we went!


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