Lucky FABB Trip Day 2 Part 3 Night Out

It was my last night in LA and we decided that we would go somewhere fun.  I was in contact with one of my childhood friends who moved to LA after college and we met up with her at Le Petit Four.  I love oysters so I decided to try the West Coast oysters which I must say were AMAZING. 
This is Stephanie.  I’ve known this lovely lady since I was about six or seven, first grade to be exact.  This was the first time since High School Graduation that I saw her.  She is doing so well.  She not only works full time saving the world but she started her own non profit organization.  Her organization is called Solemade.  It was formed to help women and children of Haiti.  I’m going to be purchasing some sandals from her once my size is made so I will give more information when I get them!

Once we were done with dinner we moved on to where we were going to have drinks.  After driving for a few minutes we arrived at our destination; The Beverly Hills Hotel.  Not to sound corny but it was simply magical.  All I kept thinking was oh my gosh the amount of people that have graced this hotel are amazing.  Then I started thinking about Marilyn Monroe being there and I almost fainted.  Once I went to the bathroom first of all it was beautiful, secondly I started thinking about how Marilyn Monroe probably touched all of this stuff so I went and touched every faucet and every chair in the powder room.  I’m strange I know!

As always, good things must come to an end.  That night I slept in LA for the last time.  It was time to go back to reality.  Stay tuned for all of the contents of my Lucky FABB Swag Bag!