Mean Girls


Attention all bloggers!  In honor of the 10th Anniversary of Mean Girls tomorrow I am going to be posting a link up along with my regular post.  It will be an “All Things Mean Girls” link up.  You can link up if you are going all out like me and sporting pink (On Wednesdays we wear pink!), if you mention anything about MGs, or even if you make a post dedicated to the anniversary.  Let’s all have fun with this!  For those of you who are my age you understand how big this movie was and you understand why an anniversary would be a big deal.  For those of you youngin’s I highly suggest that you go watch this movie if you haven’t already.  You also might not recognize half of the cast compared to what they look like today.  They’ve grown up and it’s crazy when I look at these scenes from MGs.  It’s making me feel so old!  But anyway, I hope some of you link up tomorrow!  I will also try my best to read and comment as quickly as I can on everyone’s post.


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    1. I posted that it can be anything Mean Girls related. Whether it be an actual pink outfit post, a few quotes, or even just saying Happy Anniversary is ok 🙂

      Hope this helps!

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