Nautical Chic


My photographer can be found here
Top and Cardigan:  Ralph Lauren {here}
Boyfriend Jeans:  DKNY {old}
The warm weather is coming, that means more nautical styled clothing for me, yay!  I love anything nautical, I think it’s because I have ship builders and sailors in my family, it’s probably just genetic.  Of course I had to take pictures on a pier; I wouldn’t have it any other way with navy and white stripes.  I mean, how much more nautical can you get than that?  Well maybe don’t answer that question because this is a super small dose of nautical style.
What I love a lot about this outfit are the boyfriend jeans.  I’ve had this pair since 2010.  Yes I remember the year because it was the year I first started this blog before I took a 3 year break.  They actually made it onto le blog too.  I wore them with more of a 50’s inspired outfit though.  Boyfriend jeans are great for a lot of different reasons.  First of all they are comfy, who doesn’t want to be able to actually breathe in a pair of jeans?  Secondly they are versatile and can be dressed up or down.  Thirdly they just look cute.
I will say however, with my body type, not all boyfriend jeans look so cute.  Since I’m bottom heavy, some boyfriend jeans actually look like regular jeans and they look tight.  With that being said if you are like me and bottom heavy I would try on those jeans before you purchase, I know from experience!
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  1. Hi, I am Ada. Stopping by from the link-up. Always nice to find other, stylish bloggers. Loving that Blazer and want to purchase one like it. You were daring with the double stripes on top but it totally works!

    I am remixing my whole closet this month doing a 30 for 30 challenge. I invite you to stop by. Thanks. =)

    Have a Wonderful Wednesday, Monika!!

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