That’s the college I went to for my Bachelor’s and Masters.  The prettiest pictures are taken there!
Dress:  Missoni {here}
Shoes:  Vince Camuto {Valentine’s Day gift from my dad}
Bag:  Gucci {here}
Sunglasses:  Gucci {here}
Happy Anniversary Mean Girls!  You are celebrating 10 years today!  On this Wednesday I am sportin’ some pink of course in honor of one of my favorite movies as a teenager.  It’s so scary to think that this movie came out 10 years ago.  I can still remember the first time I heard Gretchen saying “Fetch” and Regina telling her “stop trying to make fetch happen, it’s not going to happen.”  Let’s not forget Regina’s little sister watching girls gone wild on TV.  I think the reason why this movie was and still is a phenomena is because so many girls can relate to it.  There is a group of Mean Girls in every school.  There is something like the burn book in every school.  It might not be a physical book but each school has the same jokes that they make about the same person.  The part about Regina getting hit by a bus and surviving was obviously for comical reasons and it was extremely random but I think the movie overall taught a good lesson.  Even though teenage girls act like animals in a jungle sometimes with how cruel they are the ending showed that in the end we can all be friends.  We may not all be best friends but being civil is what makes us human not animals. 
I really hope they make a Mean Girls reunion.  It would definitely make me go back to my teenage years and I would love every second of it.

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  1. Absolutely impressed by its perfection. I was really impressed by the fine creativity and artistry. I am really looking forward to the coming occasion when I am going to wear it.

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