Spring Nails

I kind of chose this design on a whim.  I was on Pinterest and was looking for ideas, so instead of choosing just one, I chose a few.

These are all of the lovely colors that I have featured on here before except for the confetti nail polish.  That lovely gem is from Forever 21.  When I was in California and bought my defective sandals (click here to see what I did to fix them) I came across this awesome confetti polish.  Don’t forget to use the maximum strength base coat prior to putting any color polish on.

Now this finger is the one that gets a little more into detail.  You use a color for a french tip.  After that follow the steps below.  You criss cross the colors to form a weave look.

Don’t forget to finish with your top coat to lock in that polish for as long as possible without chipping.  I’ve come to realize that OPI has been the best top coat I’ve ever used!

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